Written by Danny Newman, who is participating as a Parkinson’s-Dancer in the classes in Israel.


He entered quietly
Almost secretively
Exquisitely polite
As behooves an English gentleman
As if not to disturb.
So pleasant to meet you –
He introduced himself:
What is so pleasant?
I wondered –
While extending
A trembling hand.

Since that day we’ve been together
Friends in spite of me
Wither I go- he goest
And I to the left, he to the left
And I to the right, he to the right
Interacting with a certain heaviness,
A slowness and a stiffness
Sometimes I lose my patience
Get angry and lash out at him
Lose my balance
Tremble with irritation
And he – unfazed
Never loses control,
Smiles with a freezing serenity:
I’m with you,
At your invitation,
I’m here so you will learn something.
I don’t want to learn!
I scream –
I’m fed up with learning!
And if I invited you, I was mistaken
The invitation is revoked! Go away!
He smiles –
You invited me because your greatest fear was
Losing control.
So here – you’ve lost control,
You’re emotional, you tremble
And everyone can see it.
I’ll go when you give up your fear.
There are friends it’s hard to be with
And yet it’s harder still
To let them go.

(Translated by Pnina Isseroff)



Beneath all this beauty

Beneath all this beauty
There lies a deep abyss
And whilst my eyes savor it all
I tip toe lest I miss
My step and fall.
What’s true what’s false?
You’ve got to keep in mind
That all the time behind
In a peaceful lovely park
Lurks a monster in the dark.
Where’s up where’s down?
Suspended there forever
In those celestial nebulae
Them cold and lifeless planets
Will take your breath away.
Who are you who am I?
Two lonely longing spirits
Drawing circles in the sky.
Floating slowly in our course
Forever. (so it seems of course).



By the waters of Babylone
I laid down and wept all alone
Deserted by my powers
Dejected by my prowess
Dethroned from whatever earthly possessions
I may have had – resilience, agility
Quickness of mobility,
Graceful coordination
And public adoration.
All the things considered mine
Were thrown away. I crossed a line.
I’m now one of the folks I used to pity
Like Jesus’ crucifixion
I am in transfixion
And I have to scream it loud and clear
Why did you leave me, why am I here ?



Ever rest, ever rest,
When was the last
You had a decent rest ?
They’re all over you
They crawl over you
Night and day
They climb and pay
No respect to your breathtaking serenity
To your playing solitaire with eternity.
How long can a mountain keep cool
Before it shrugs and becomes mean and cruel ?
They just don’t stop day and night
Hammering their stakes, nailing their pegs
Relentlessly pushing themselves to a plight
With their bleeding fingers, on their frozen legs.
They’re opting for the high and sublime
When all you want is just time, quiet time,
How much can a decent mountain suffer and take
Before it cries out: “Give me a break, give me a break!”


Perhaps For Sure

Time and again I find myself in a bind
It seems that I can’t make up my mind
Is she really my one and only
Or should I stay free and lonely ?
Perhaps for sure is my straightest answer to the deal
Definitely maybe covers all the bases on the hill
I look at the glass and it’s half empty
I look at it again now it’s half full
Tell me what will you do if you were me?
I don’t want to come up the fool
Perhaps for sure…
When she swings back and away, out of reach
I can clearly see her appeal
But the moment she comes back to stay – then each
Of her drawbacks seems as big as a seal
Perhaps for sure….
How can I decide how can I choose?
What should be my answer to her questioning me
Perhaps for sure it will get me the blues
Someday I’ll know, just wait and see.


At The End of All Passions

At the end of all passions
There’s an endless void.
Which – if you happen to be like me –
You’ll do your best to avoid.
Cigarettes, booze, cars sex and food
Are all there for you
To crave and to feel good
Just how long can this continue?
It looks like an amusement park facility
At first glance. What the heck you say
Let’s give it a chance.
When you’re bound to your seat
In that G-force training centrifuge
And you start rotating in an ever growing speed
And your eyes lose their focus
And you get a tunnel vision
Your heartbeat sky rockets
And you feel you’re about to die,
Then suddenly you’re floating up high
Free at last from all your desires
You go higher and higher,
as light as a feather
following the light up up and away
and then they stop the game
no more G-force no more sway
as the centrifuge halts
after all said and done
you remain with your faults
you’re back to square one
with the same old passions
hungry for more.
whatever for? Whoever for?
Anything will do –
Just to keep away that void from you.


Dancing it away with you

When you sway on the floor
Ever so gracefully
I feel there’s something worth waitin’ for
If I move cautiously

I don’t know yet the whole choreography
Please bear with me if I’m wrong
But I follow your steps as signs of our geography
And I feel like singing you a song.

I don’t know yet where we’re moving to
But baby it feels mighty good
Dancing my blues away with you
Seems to be the way to go – and so I would.


Can’t wait to duplicate
Can’t wait to duplicate
You sweet Kate
I love everything about you
How you walk how you talk
How you eat how you cheat
Your ravishing smile down the aisle
Your hair flying high in the sky
With the sun glisten in your eyes.
Can’t wait to duplicate
Can’t wait to duplicate
You sweet Kate.
I only know too good
This story will end for good
‘Cause that’s how it goes in the woods
Of our unpretending youth.
It’s amazing how happy we can be
If we only let us live it free.
Can’t wait to duplicate
Can’t wait to duplicate
You sweet Kate.


Golden boy

“Golden boy” She said
“You’re one of them golden boys”
So she saw me and so she thought
And I sighed internally
And smiled externally
There was no point in proving her otherwise
In the valley of the dolls you’ve got to be wise
When you know well from within
That at best you’re made out of tin
But you keep it to yourself
While she tries to keep you for herself
Golden boy she whispered gold bless her soul
When she enveloped me with her golden long legs
“God have mercy on me” I hissed through tight lips
When I was coming and letting her go
’cause that’s what us golden boys are good at
We live and let leave we come and let go.


Next to impossible

looking out for you
Looking after you
Looking at you
I find it hard
I find it the hard way
I do not find it around the corner
I find it next to impossible
To find a path to you.
Far, far away
Beyond breath taking mountains
On a treacherous ridge,
Overlooking a misty ravine
Next to impossible
Is where I find you
Next to me
Every morning.


Not too far

It’s close,
It’s not far
It’s not farfetched,
I know it’s near
I can almost hear
How it beckons me
Though the wind is blowing strong
And the road is taxing and oh so long
I know I’m closing in by god I know
How much more do I have to elbow
My way through the ranks
Through the pranks
By the sweat of my brow
I stand here and vow
I will find you somehow
It it takes me a lifetime
And my teeth grind the sand
I’ll give you my heart
I’ll give you my hand
Hell it’s so close
And the wind still blows.


Oh I was strong then he smiled
Wearily wearing a web of wrinkles
Way back in the days of guns and roses
With the sun blazing from copper skies
Scorching my glistening torso on golden shores
Sucking in every pore of my thirsty skin
Drops of glances of unfolded lust.
Oh I was strong then he sighed weakly
Wiping his brow with a trembling hand
In the days of wine and hoses
I could do whatever whimsical wish
My heart would crave, and he stood up
Cautiously, never having to desperately
Assess whether I would reach the john
Before or after the urine bursts away.


Unending Dance

You bring out the best of me
Even though it seems to be
The most ungrateful job around.
You’re closing in on me
You’re cornering me like a hound
You never let me get away
By any flick-flack routine that I may produce
If I get stuck in the muddy swamp of self doubt
Using whatever lies available to make my way out
You stand there like a rock to block my fall to ebb
Helping me out from that thickening web
Calling every false move that I may take.
We’re a good team you and I
Under your relentless scrutiny
In a painstakingly unending dance
You seem to bring out and enhance
Your man, leaving nothing to chance.




8 thoughts on “Poems by Danny Newman

  1. Hello Danny!

    My Name is Renée and I am also a “PoemwritingParkinson’sDancer” in the classes in Freiburg / Germany.
    I would like to say hello to you and also want you to know that I “like” your Poem and would like to read more! (?)

    It must be horrible to have such a Friend.
    But I guess that I know what you are going through!
    Because what you are calling your “Friend”, I call my “unloved Family Member”!
    Maybe it is the same Person we are talking about: your Friend is my unloved Family Member!
    In most every Family there is such one….No one in the Family likes him / her…but because of he / she is a Part of the Family you have to accept him / her, even it is hard to love or like him / her!
    Since more than 6 years “such one” is living in my House. I tried to explaine that it may be better for him (and for us) if he will stay somewhere else. But he answers that he dont want to go because of Me!!! “I have to take care of You”… And so he does…since 2008!
    I did my very best and tried very hard to come to an arragement with him….but no way! He is like he is! Very hard to deal with…but part of my Family.

    So what can I do?

    Is there someone out there who can help me??? 😜

    Wish you all the best! And I Hope “to read” more from you soon!

    Renée M. Akargider

  2. Hi Renee,
    Thank you for your illuminating comments and for sharing your thoughts and emotions with me.
    I guess we mean basically the same when we relate to this unwanted entity in our life as an “unloved family member” or a “friend” – different names but the same feeling or predisposition
    we wish we could have disengaged from “him”. Alas – it’s not so simple. I joined the “Club” back in 2003 and it’s not getting any easier. The one thing I can say in favor of Mr. Parkinson is that it
    forced me to slow down and thus enabled me to sit down calmly and write, and I’m writing like never before both in quantity and in quality. I’ll be sending along more of my stuff.

  3. Hi Danny, that would be very nice!
    So I look forward to read them! (So sorry for my english!)
    Best wishes!
    Freiburg / Germany

  4. Hi Renee,
    Your English is fine, no need to apologize.
    I’ve mailed already a few of my poems and
    I guess they haven’t placed them yet.
    I’ll read your poems too.

  5. Dear Danny,

    I read your Poems and all I want to say that I am really impressed!
    Thank you for sharing this with me /us!
    I hope that isn’t all….???

    I am also writing and writing and writing like never before in my life!
    For me it is not just a (silent) Hobby ( I only do “it” in my sleepless nights – and that means every night!), but it is also a kind of Therapy for me that helps me to analyze myself! It helps me to give the things the right places in my life and in my case, it also helps me to keep my sense of humor (because that is what I realy need to survive!)

    Best wishes and keep on smiling! 😁


  6. Thank you Renee for your kind words. No, it’s not all and yes – like you – I’m writing like never before in my life in quantity and quality and it’s probably a therapy for me too. I also write prose but that’s in Hebrew… next week I have a party to launch my new book – a collection of 25 short stories. I’ll be reading your poems soon. Have a nice weekend.

  7. Congratiolations Danny! Is it your first Publication? The best wishes and “Mazel tov” ( doesnt that mean good luck? I am Dutch, but Living in Germany…in the Netherlands there are a few Jewish words that everyone is using like it is dutch.)
    The Poems that I posted on “Störung” are only some of the ones about my thoughts and feelings about Parkinsons. At the Moment my Favorit theme to write about is the Dimension of Time….in German.
    All the best,

    • Thank you Renee, Mazel tov is indeed good luck in Hebrew.
      No, it’s not my first publication. I’ve published so far 3 poetry books in Hebrew and another poetry book that I translated from Hungarian to Hebrew, but this is my first publication in prose. I intend to publish my English poetry soon and I’ll want to finish a novel I’m working on. Have a great weekend.

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