Open Practice #2 Störung/Ha-fra-ah from mathilde on Vimeo.

Impressions of the Open Practice at the Freiburg Theater 22.7.2015

The practice began with a mirroring task between the participants of the project and the public. It continued with other movement tasks, which Monica Gillette and Clint Lutes developed with the junior scientists in the last weeks. First was a solo improvisation by medical student Julie Philpott, which involved her moving and improvising with her eyes closed as she spoke about her research. Monica and Clint partnered and manipulated her while asking her questions. Second was again the mirroring task with the Junior Scientists, but this time with one person giving a topic related to Störung/Ha-fra-ah and the other asking questions they had about that topic. Through the questions asked, one could follow the different disciplines and backgrounds from which the researchers come from as well as witness the complexity of the issues arising from the project. The evening concluded with the ritual of tea and cookies (which is offered after every dance class with the Parkinson’s group) and an open discussion with the public.


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