at Mandel Cultural Center /Tel Aviv-Jaffa on December 7th and 8th, 2015
(photos by Tamar Lamm)

MONDAY, DECEMBER 7th (closed for project participants)

9:30-11:00 / Yasmeen Godder Studio
Can my interactivity help your intention?
Workshop by Monica Gillette and Clint Lutes



11:30-13:30 / Yasmeen Godder Studio
Parkinson’s Class with Matan Zamir followed by a talk with the Parkinson’s Dancers


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14:30-15:30 / Hall at The Mandel Cultural Center
Dance Classes for Parkinson’s Disease as an Intervention: Discussion in the Documented Experiences of Participants
Nimrod Levin, Dorit Guy-Jelinek, Lisa Klingelhöfer and Stefanie Pietsch


15:45-18:30 / Yasmeen Godder Studio
Brain-Computer-Interfaces and Dance
Workshop by Dr. Doron Friedman and Mr. Daniel Landau, Advanced Reality Lab / IDC Herzelia



20:30-22:00 / The Mandel Cultural Center
BACKTRACK by Sigal Bergman
An event that includes three video pieces, a short workshop with audience participation, and a dance piece called ‘Losing ground’



TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8th (Open to the public)

10:00-10:40 / Hall at The Mandel Cultural Center
Opening Introduction of the Störung/הפרעה Project
Yasmeen Godder

Lecture Performance about Artistic Research
Anat Vaadia

10:45-12:30 / Yasmeen Godder Studio, Hall at The Mandel Cultural Center, Studio Mandel, Ruth Daniel Confrence Room
Workshop I:
Collective Synchronization
Shuli Enosh and Hila Gvirtz


Workshop II:
From Understanding to Creativity in Art and Science
Matan Karklinsky and Uri Shafir


Workshop III:
The Meaning of Research in Dance, Therapy, and Science

Anat Vaadia, Dorit Guy-Jelinek, and Nimrod Levin


Workshop IV:
Capoeira with Parkinson’s Dancers

Ofir Yudilevitch


14:00-15:00 / Hall at The Mandel Cultural Center
Documentary film of the Störung/הפרעה project by Maya Rothchild and a panel discussion


15:15-16:00 / Hall at The Mandel Cultural Center
Physics of joint improvisation and creativity
Lecture by Prof. Uri Alon, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel


16:15-17:00 / Hall at The Mandel Cultural Center
The Labodanse project: A novel framework for the study of physiological, cognitive and experiential intersubjective modulations during a live dance performance
Lecture by Dr. Asaf Bachrach, CNRS, France


17:15-18:00 / Yasmeen Godder Studio
Improvisation as the study of composition
Workshop by Dr. Asaf Bachrach – Closed for project participants


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